Synex acquires GoTo Benefits (GTB) in its pursuit of acquisitions in the group insurance sector

28 September 2021

Determined to pursue its mission and give back control of the insurance and financial services sectors to independent entrepreneurs, Synex Business Performance ("Synex" or "the group") is pleased to announce the acquisition of GoTo Benefits, a recognized and successful group insurance firm located in the Atlantic Provinces. The purchase was completed reciprocally with Jeff Legrow, President and CEO of Cal Legrow Insurance & Finance.

"GoTo Benefits is an important addition for the Synex Group. It is the first financial services acquisition in the Atlantic Provinces. It goes hand in hand with the acquisition of GoTo Insure (GTI), completed more recently this year in collaboration with Jeff Legrow," said Yan Charbonneau, President and CEO of Synex Business Performance. Since its inception, the GoTo Benefits group insurance firm has enjoyed great success thanks to its synergy with the GTI general insurance firm. The success of GoTo Benefits is highly due to its employees and the close relationship they have with GTI's division, which aligns perfectly with the vision of Synex Business Performance's group.

Synex continues to grow

The acquisition of GoTo Benefits is part of Synex Business Performance's growth and diversification plan across Canada. Synex's goal is to become an independent leader in property and casualty insurance, group insurance and financial services in Canada through organic growth and acquisitions. As such, the group is always looking for new business opportunities to fuel its growth.

The group is in the process of creating the Synex Group Solutions division to meet the needs of its clients in the area of employee benefits, including group insurance and pension plans. Complementary to the group's property and casualty insurance acquisitions, this new division will align with Synex's vision of restoring independence to entrepreneurs across Canada and maintaining shareholder accessibility.

"We believe in local entrepreneurship and in the strength of a Canada-wide group for the benefit of each of our clients," concluded Mr. Charbonneau.

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