Launch of Tango Signature assurance inc.

20 May 2021

We are pleased to announce the creation of Tango Signature Insurance Inc. ("Tango Signature"), a new digital brokerage firm specializing in personal lines and the 10th firm to be part of the Synex group. As such, we are also pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Stéphanie Landry as General Manager of Tango Signature. 

Stéphanie has chosen Synex as her partner in this adventure in order to form a solid team to achieve Tango Signature's goal: to become a leading digital brokerage firm in Quebec. 

The new General Manager, Stéphanie Landry, has over 9 years of experience in the insurance industry. Her interest in new technologies combined with insurance has led her to pursue training in artificial intelligence (AI) in order to innovate the industry in which she works by applying AI concepts to property and casualty insurance. 

In addition, Stephanie was the owner of a firm affiliated with a major insurer for 7 years. She is a seasoned, action-oriented and performance-driven worker. "I dream of a firm where people will be happy to work from anywhere, anytime, and be able to develop their careers not only at Tango Signature but also throughout the Synex group. The office should be a laboratory for testing new technologies and finding methods that will make our clients happy and find that insurance at Tango Signature is fast, simple and efficient," says Stephanie. 


We are very happy to be able to consider this 10th partner firm as the only one of its kind in the group. Please join us in welcoming Stephanie Landry and Tango Signature to the Synex group!